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$ION and the ionomy, from Technical support to Gaming and Monetization on the Blockchain – mobile games where you play to win, Motor racing sponsorship’s, community engagement channels, listed currency exchange information and much more, you can find it all here.

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Bittrex currency exchange
Bittrex Incorporated
800 5th Avenue
Ste. 4100
WA 98104-3100

The Bittrex exchange is easy to use with its simple graphical user interface, ION is paired there with BTC.


Crypto Hobbit interviews ionomy – ionomy: The Future Of Incentivized Gaming

I use these interviews with cryptocurrency projects as a final determinant in my investment process. The speed with which a project responds to my inquiries is an indicator… or maybe a red flag? HOW a project responds is also an indicator.

In my experience, a project that takes time with difficult interviews such as this, answers objectively and intelligently, and is humble and data driven in its approach is a rare occurrence. It shows pride in ones work; a project that doesn’t have a great offering, that hasn’t spent the time developing unique technology and an organic community, doesn’t really have much to talk about, does it?

Not only that, but I always learn something new from these interviews, something to direct my next thought process or research. As always, I’m hunting for a masternode gem! This is how I’ve come to @ionomics…

(Read full article on link)


Live statistics on ION Masternode returns.

Escodex currency exchange

The Escodex exchange is easy to use with its simple graphical user interface, the interface is actually a web browser wallet and stored locally so you must be sure to back up the wallet seeds, if you do not have these and the wallet fails, you will not be able to gain access to your account and holdings again. $ION is paired there with BTC.


Global coin report – ion (ION): Is Ionomy the New Digital Economy?

ION, although ranked below the top 100 cryptocurrencies, more specifically taking the 166th spot on the global coin ranking list, has shown some astonishing results at the beginning of January when this currency managed to reach a price of over 7$ per one unit. However, the most recent market dip didn’t leave ION out of the hurricane of dropping prices, so this coin is now dealing over 3 times lower than it did 8 weeks ago. Yesterday, at the end of March and the beginning of April, the majority of currencies tried to step out of the whirlpool of frequent losses so we have witnessed a massive wave of rises about 12 hours ago. However, once again the market is plummeting. What we are interested in at this point, given the fact that ION is still dealing at a fairly high price for its ranking, is to find out what is the purpose of Ionomy and can this model of economy push ION further towards being widely accepted?...

(Read full article on link)

ION Masternode Growth and Revenue

A wonderful well used by the community old school analysis and reporting website that is constantly updated and brought to the community by @MrCoins

ionomy Discord

Discord is a chat app. like many others available but it has the added bonus of specialized channels within, you can chat about all manner of subject here, both ION and none ION related.

You can use either the internet browser or smart device apps to access.

ionomy Github and codebase

ionomy has a very active publicly accessible  GitHub* where details about the ION cryptocurrency can be sought, there are also various wallet downloads for the different operating systems and a wiki with well written guides and articles on building the daemons and QT wallets for Staking and Masternode operations.


*GitHub Inc. is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git.


Should you need it and have some technical queries, you can email ionomy support on the email address listed.

If you are a developer, you can take part in improving and creating new featured in the ION code.


ionomy NASCAR

RSS Racing is excited to welcome ionomy as the primary sponsor for #39 car driven by Ryan Sieg for two NASCAR XFINITY races in 2018. The first race of the partnership will be the July race at Daytona Speedway. The second race will be Darlington in September. Ionomy will also be a full-time associate for Ryan Sieg for the remainder of 2018

ionomy are promoting the release of their new game, Off Road Heat and the NACAR will be seen by millions out on the race tracks!

ionomy Tech Support – main

The support team at ionomy handle all the technical aspects from the QT to daemon wallets and masternodes, they set up the help guides in conjunction with the developers and act as a go between for the community should there be any technical issues or bug reports. There is also internal ionomy new function testing such as gaming and development, monetization, social streams and more.

The team are available 24 hours a day and happy to receive queries, however small or large they may be.

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