Escrow services

Escrow services
Escrow services

About the service:

Should you need to move funds to a third party for any transaction, it is best to use a trusted escrow, one that can oversee the transaction in whatever form it may be, from a website transfer to selling a crypto for transfer to your bank account. I can be the middle man to oversee the transaction goes smoothly.

Standard conditions of transfers:

– Price / cost is decided by both parties for the transation, this can be in any currency, so long as both are agreed.
– Website, Service or other physical goods are handed over, if there is a password, this is shared with receiving party who then changes
and secures account.
– If there is more than one service to transfer, carry on as above til completed all.
– Funds are released when all of above is completed. The transactions should be completed within 7 days unless both parties asks for
an extension.
– If buyer and seller fails to complete the deal withing the agree time both the seller and buyer accepts “Krumz” decision regarding
who to refund the escrow to (or how to share it among the
buyer and seller if some but not all handovers were completed).
– The handovers above will be completed one “item” at a time which “buyer” confirms to “Krumz” without unnecessary delay. “seller”
then proceeds handing over the next “item”.
– If the terms are agreed above by both the “buyer” and “seller”, then an escrow address will be provided by “Krumz”
– Once the handover has been completed and the “buyer” is happy with goods or services as described, the seller, if they have not
already, can provide an address for the now completed
– The funds that are held in escrow are now sent to the “sellers” provided address and the process is now complete.

About Krumz:

– I do not need to know intricate details about the physical goods or services transacted if desired so long as is updated on checklist
as above and updated at every stage of the process.
– Mainly I am here providing this service to oversee that there are no scam transactions and people do not lose out to fake transacted
goods and service, as such I do not charge for this
service but of course have a tips jar.
– I have overseen and carried out many escrow services and am a trusted member of the community who provides services such as this
ionomy web site directory and others to further promote
$ION and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

+44 (0) 7480511176

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Escrow services

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