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Crypto Hobbit interviews ionomy – ionomy: The Future Of Incentivized Gaming

I use these interviews with cryptocurrency projects as a final determinant in my investment process. The speed with which a project responds to my inquiries is an indicator… or maybe a red flag? HOW a project responds is also an indicator.

In my experience, a project that takes time with difficult interviews such as this, answers objectively and intelligently, and is humble and data driven in its approach is a rare occurrence. It shows pride in ones work; a project that doesn’t have a great offering, that hasn’t spent the time developing unique technology and an organic community, doesn’t really have much to talk about, does it?

Not only that, but I always learn something new from these interviews, something to direct my next thought process or research. As always, I’m hunting for a masternode gem! This is how I’ve come to @ionomics…

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Global coin report – ion (ION): Is Ionomy the New Digital Economy?

ION, although ranked below the top 100 cryptocurrencies, more specifically taking the 166th spot on the global coin ranking list, has shown some astonishing results at the beginning of January when this currency managed to reach a price of over 7$ per one unit. However, the most recent market dip didn’t leave ION out of the hurricane of dropping prices, so this coin is now dealing over 3 times lower than it did 8 weeks ago. Yesterday, at the end of March and the beginning of April, the majority of currencies tried to step out of the whirlpool of frequent losses so we have witnessed a massive wave of rises about 12 hours ago. However, once again the market is plummeting. What we are interested in at this point, given the fact that ION is still dealing at a fairly high price for its ranking, is to find out what is the purpose of Ionomy and can this model of economy push ION further towards being widely accepted?…

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Steemit – Is ionomy the answer to a graceful emergence of blockchain technology worldwide?

The world of crypto is ever evolving…as a community, we learn, we grow, we change.

Over the years we’ve watched, (albeit at times just barely peeking between our fingers) as blockchain technology transmuted into something extraordinary and uncontrollable. When failure presented itself, solidarity broke down, values changed and the envisionary dreams were, by some, forgotten. What once was, will never be again. Change is unavoidable, unending and yet so necessary…but it doesn’t have to mean an uncontrollable descent into something unrecognizable…does it?…

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Yahoo finance – IONOMY, New Gaming Platform Seeks to Entice Mobile Gamers and Developers Into Digital Currency, Launches Initial Coin Offering for New Currency “ION”

SINGAPORE–(Marketwired – April 15, 2016) – ionomy (, a gaming and blockchain cryptocurrency startup, on April 4, 2016, announced its new gaming, investment, and digital currency platform,

With its revolutionary digital currency, ION, at the center of the “ionomy,” the company seeks to ease cryptocurrency adoption through mobile gaming and social activities. Revenues from the platform provide continuous support to the development of, ION, and expansion of its innovative “Static Proof of Stake” network…

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Digital Journal – ionomy is delighted to announce a partnership with Rekall Games!

Swansea – April 9th, 2018 – ionomy partners with Rekall Games, creators of the popular multiplayer fighting game on mobile, Rumble Arena.

Rekall is redesigning their popular game, “Rumble Arena,” to include head-to-head competitive tournaments with cash prizes powered by ionomy Lightning. Gamers can compete cross-platform to win ION and Bitcoin…

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Speed Sport – ionomy To Support KKR & Daryn Pittman

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — ionomy will serve as the co-primary sponsor of Daryn Pittman’s Kasey Kahne Racing No. 9 for 37 races during this year’s World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series.

New to sprint car racing, ionomy is developing the future of gaming. They are the first game studio to design games that incorporate the ION digital currency. The ionomy platform also provides additional services to introduce new users to crypto currency with methods to secure and grow their digital wealth…

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