ionomy NASCAR

RSS Racing is excited to welcome ionomy as the primary sponsor for #39 car driven by Ryan Sieg for two NASCAR XFINITY races in 2018. The first race of the partnership will be the July race at Daytona Speedway. The second race will be Darlington in September. Ionomy will also be a full-time associate for Ryan Sieg for the remainder of 2018

ionomy are promoting the release of their new game, Off Road Heat and the NACAR will be seen by millions out on the race tracks!

Off Road Heat


Offroad Heat puts you in the driver’s seat to compete with racers around the world. Join in competitive challenge mode to battle it out against the world’s best drivers. Go bumper to bumper with real life friends and rivals in global 4-player, cross-platform, real-time racing.


Race on beautiful tracks modeled on real world favorites. Professional drivers co-designed these tracks for maximum realism, challenge, and fun. Choose from sunset drives through the Australian desert, rolling hills of the British countryside, or thrilling night mode rides through dense forests. Sharpen your edge as you master challenging driving conditions.


No more speeding tickets! Just ping your friends, join the heat, and throw down. Realtime racing for bragging rights or to decide who pays for the next round.


Rich, authentic customization. Build a truck that reflects your style. Tune your ride to the track, and hit the paint shop to design a truck that looks as good as it handles.


Compete to win cryptocurrency in Offroad Heat. Every week, the best drivers win cash prizes. Make your victory a little sweeter with some extra spending money.

The Moon or Bust

The Moon or Bust beta
ionomy Studios :The Moon or Bust (TMoB).

Dedicated space cadets race their rockets to plant their flag on the moon. Use tilt controls to navigate the dangers of space travel, avoiding obstacles and salvaging supplies left from the wreckage of those who have died trying. The journey gets progressively more difficult as you travel faster and deeper into space.

A shop features items to enhance the journey — a choice of rocketships and gear to blast your way to the Moon. By linking to their accounts, gamers can pay with ION at a 50% discount, and compete for valuable ION prizes in weekly tournaments.

The first lunar lander grand prize was claimed of $5000, but players can still play to compete in the tournaments with a chance to win $500 USD weekly – so create a free account on and download to play the game on your mobile device:

The Moon or Bust – iOS –

The Moon or Bust  – Android –

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