ionomy Tech Support – main

The support team at ionomy handle all the technical aspects from the QT to daemon wallets and masternodes, they set up the help guides in conjunction with the developers and act as a go between for the community should there be any technical issues or bug reports. There is also internal ionomy new function testing such as gaming and development, monetization, social streams and more.

The team are available 24 hours a day and happy to receive queries, however small or large they may be.

ionomy Wikipedia

ionomy has it’s own wiki, and has done since 2016, there are many articles published about $ION and the different services around the ionomy.

The is open and free to editing is encouraged by the community, for any requests reach out to krumz on this websites contact email address.

There is also a GitHub wiki where the technical manuals and codebase reside, this is within reach of the developers and so is always up to date.

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