The Moon or Bust

The Moon or Bust beta
ionomy Studios :The Moon or Bust (TMoB).

Dedicated space cadets race their rockets to plant their flag on the moon. Use tilt controls to navigate the dangers of space travel, avoiding obstacles and salvaging supplies left from the wreckage of those who have died trying. The journey gets progressively more difficult as you travel faster and deeper into space.

A shop features items to enhance the journey — a choice of rocketships and gear to blast your way to the Moon. By linking to their accounts, gamers can pay with ION at a 50% discount, and compete for valuable ION prizes in weekly tournaments.

The first lunar lander grand prize was claimed of $5000, but players can still play to compete in the tournaments with a chance to win $500 USD weekly – so create a free account on and download to play the game on your mobile device:

The Moon or Bust – iOS –

The Moon or Bust  – Android –

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