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$ION and the ionomy, from Technical support to Gaming and Monetization on the Blockchain – mobile games where you play to win, Motor racing sponsorship’s, community engagement channels, listed currency exchange information and much more, you can find it all here.

It is free and encouraged to create a listing here, as long as it is ionomy or $ION Cryptocurrency related.

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ionomy Telegram

The Telegram group is for general discussion about the ionomy, it is a great platform as many cryptocurrencies have their own channels on there so is good to connect with others and cross link with ease for further promotion.

Telegram have apps for different platforms for different devices.

ionomy Wikipedia

ionomy has it's own wiki, and has done since 2016, there are many articles published about $ION and the different services around the ionomy.

The is open and free to editing is encouraged by the community, for any requests reach out to krumz on this websites contact email address.

There is also a GitHub wiki where the technical manuals and codebase reside, this is within reach of the developers and so is always up to date.

Kasey Kahne Dirt Sprint racing – World of Outlaws

ionomy are sponsoring the @KKRdirt dirt sprint racing team of car #9 with Kasey Kahne being the driver, podium finishes have been achieved so thereby getting the ionomy message further out there by social media streams, also as has been shown - to gain fans from the Dirt Racing Sprint scene to the ionomy side of things too.


Luckygames is the best multicoin gambling site.

There are four different games: Balls, Dice, European Roulette and Cells.

The main goal is to bring the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features.

You can play using 100 cryptocurrencies and, if you want, exchange them in a few clicks.

The Provably Fair system makes the game 100% manipulation free.

Low House Edge (1%) provides a reasonable opportunity to make money.

Luckygames will make you feel lucky for real.


Our service allows you to monitor your masternode and more. It provides alerts for when the status of your masternode changes, so that prompt action can be taken by yourself to rectify the issue. This means you do not have to keep checking your masternode to ensure that it is working correctly - we do that for you automatically. We also provide alerts for when your masternode has received a payment

Off Road Heat


Offroad Heat puts you in the driver’s seat to compete with racers around the world. Join in competitive challenge mode to battle it out against the world’s best drivers. Go bumper to bumper with real life friends and rivals in global 4-player, cross-platform, real-time racing.


Race on beautiful tracks modeled on real world favorites. Professional drivers co-designed these tracks for maximum realism, challenge, and fun. Choose from sunset drives through the Australian desert, rolling hills of the British countryside, or thrilling night mode rides through dense forests. Sharpen your edge as you master challenging driving conditions.


No more speeding tickets! Just ping your friends, join the heat, and throw down. Realtime racing for bragging rights or to decide who pays for the next round.


Rich, authentic customization. Build a truck that reflects your style. Tune your ride to the track, and hit the paint shop to design a truck that looks as good as it handles.


Compete to win cryptocurrency in Offroad Heat. Every week, the best drivers win cash prizes. Make your victory a little sweeter with some extra spending money.

Official channels

There are many ways to keep in touch with all the news and updates that are happening around the ionomy, the following are official streams from the ION inner core Team

Social Media – Community lead / other

The ION team and it's community can be reached and interacted with on the following links. If you think a link needs to be added here, please do leave a message.

Steemit – Is ionomy the answer to a graceful emergence of blockchain technology worldwide?

The world of crypto is ever a community, we learn, we grow, we change.

Over the years we’ve watched, (albeit at times just barely peeking between our fingers) as blockchain technology transmuted into something extraordinary and uncontrollable. When failure presented itself, solidarity broke down, values changed and the envisionary dreams were, by some, forgotten. What once was, will never be again. Change is unavoidable, unending and yet so necessary...but it doesn’t have to mean an uncontrollable descent into something unrecognizable...does it?...

(Read full article on link)

Europe is a Masternode hosting website, but they not only facilitate entire Masternode hosting but also you can take part in Masternode shares, or part thereof, so if you have 1 - 19,999 ION, you can take part and receive relative payouts for the shares too!


This site comes highly recommended, and is a great way to get into $ION Masternodes!


You can also take part in BSD and CRW Masternodes hosted on the site.

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